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Category: Obama

A 22-pen signature

When President Obama was signing the health care reform bill, I was not thinking about the meaning of the bill or of the historical significance of the moment. Nope, none […]

The devil we don’t know

The topic has been thoroughly thrashed over the last year. Health care reform, of course. Now it’s the law of the land. Or about to be. I share the hope […]

In the soup: Starbucks, Bing, Congress, et al

Education funding cuts Cutting funding to education? No wonder students are protesting today. The resulting tuition hikes in many cases will be so large that students already on tight budgets […]

Finally, more nuke power

Yesterday President Obama announced federal loan guarantees of $8.3 billion to build two nuclear power plants in Georgia. It’s about time. The rest of the world seems to appreciate the […]

I don’t regret voting for President Obama

Over on Real Clear Politics today, there’s an op-ed piece entitled “Why I Regret Voting for President Obama.” It’s written by freelance writer and independent voter Jill Dorson. I wonder […]

Cynic that I am …

Pres. Obama has been all over the news the last couple of days. I haven’t been listening that closely to what he’s been saying, beyond noting what seemed a renewed […]

Calling a spade a spade

I’m no fan of Senate majority leader Harry Reid, though I’m closer to his age than to the younger generation in Congress. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble seeing what […]

Leave Afghanistan to the warlords

I doubt there’s anything President Obama can say tonight to convince me we should be sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. We went into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden. We […]

Obama fiddles, Afghanistan burns

Okay, what’s the delay with Obama’s decision about troops in Afghanistan? He’s been getting his Afghani ducks in a row for months. I’m all for careful consideration, a gathering of […]

Obama wins Nobel Peac … wtf!?

You won’t get if often, but here’s my commentary cold, prior to any national media input other than glimpsing one headline: Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize!? But he hasn’t […]

Blame it on Rio

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro for winning the 2016 Summer Olympics. The IOC eliminated Chicago and Tokyo from the final four contenders, making it Rio vs. Madrid. Looking only at […]

Speaking the unspeakable

The media try and for the most part succeed in not mentioning it. The politicians in Washington can’t afford to say it, even if they think it. And most Americans, […]

Obama speaks, nothing changes

Tonight Pres. Obama delivered his make-or-break speech on health care reform to a Joint Session of Congress. While it was a good speech, concluding with a previously undisclosed letter he’d […]

Do it right the first time

I’ve been watching the Sunday morning talk shows, and naturally health care reform is the favorite topic. Ideas swirling today: Doctor Shortage On Andersen Cooper, they got around to the […]

Obama backs off public option

The latest news on health care reform seems to be that Obama is willing to drop his plan for a public option. Call me cynical, but my first thought was, […]