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Category: Obama

Obama himself ‘acted stupidly’

President Obama put his foot in it the other day when asked about the incident with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a black man, and the Cambridge police. Obama […]

But Mr. President, you promised

What ever happened to President Obama’s sweeping campaign statements about eliminating “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military? Since the election, we’ve heard nothing from him on the subject. What […]

Et tu, Barack?

George Bush did a lot of things that upset a lot of people. One of them was authorizing the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists in Guantánamo prison, where he hoped […]

Using their indoor voices

With more grace, tact, and diplomacy than the other principals managed to display this week, President Obama delivered his commencement address today to Notre Dame’s Class of 2009. The controversy […]

The right to be rude

Notre Dame’s Class of 2009 is one of very few to have President Barack Obama speaking at their commencement. What an incredible honor. What an unforgettable event for the graduates. […]

Obama waffling on Gitmo detainees

President Obama is considering indefinite detention for some of the Guantánamo prisoners, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Not good. Is he continuing to backpedal on campaign promises, […]

I read the news today, but why?

♦ That Alaskan woman whose initials are S.P. is going to “collaborate” in the writing of a book. A book! B-O-O-K. She can’t even remember which newspapers she reads. Her part […]

Scholarship trumps honorary degree

President Barack Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Arizona State University this evening. But the headline has been that ASU is not going to give him an honorary […]

Scare Force One’s creator resigns

Hurray! Louis Caldera, the “brains” behind Scare Force One, has resigned. I can only imagine the behind-the-scenes pressure that brought about the resignation. He did what he needed to do […]

Scare Force One

By now, everyone has heard about Air Force One’s photo-op flight over Manhattan’s skyscrapers yesterday. Definitely one of the most boneheaded, stupid, irresponsible decisions to come down the political pike […]

Not exactly shelter chic

I always hope I’m exaggerating, at least a little, when I say I’m a cynic. And inside, I’m always ashamed of myself for being so suspicious of people’s motives. That […]

He bowed!? We’re doomed!

Are you kidding me!? I just turned on the news and thought I’d check Fox “News” just for grins (always willing to grant equal time). What should I discover but […]

Stem cell research gets green light again

Science is back. As promised, President Obama today signed a bill lifting George Bush’s religion-based restrictions on stem cell research. The move heralds a return to free, open, unfettered scientific […]