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Category: Politics

News to me: Joe Biden stutters

Not until this week did I know Joe Biden has been dealing with stuttering all his life. While his speech patterns and hesitations occasionally raise questions about his mental acuity, […]

I might be a centrist

I just took the political spectrum quiz at Go to Quiz and these are my results. I think it’s safe to call me a centrist, don’t you? Compared to the […]

The prescience of George Washington

As the public impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump begins, I feel a need to reprint (for the third time) this post from Feb. 20, 2011: “They [political parties] serve to […]

Nixon insists "I am not a crook"

A word of caution to Washington Republicans

As the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s activities is about to go public, here’s a reminder to those Republicans still defending him: Nixon wasn’t actually impeached, but his defenders paid […]

Sometimes anonymity is okay

President Trump has demanded to know the name of Anonymous, the whistleblower who revealed the quid pro quo offer to Ukraine and subsequently released a book about it. He claims […]

Thornton, Colorado, homeowners lose election

This is a postscript to “The one about nonpartisan elections.” Yes, the election was nonpartisan, in that political affiliations were not mentioned. But the oil and gas employee, a Republican, […]

Boiling frogs in Washington

What part of our current political mess do Republicans not understand? How can so many of them, particularly those in Washington, support and defend Donald Trump’s behavior? How can they […]

The one about nonpartisan elections

When I first started voting, back in the Dark Ages, I tended to vote straight tickets. It seemed the easiest way to vote for many candidates, some of whom I […]