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Category: Politics

The Dem debate debacle

I missed the first half-hour of last night’s ‘debate’ (these things have never been proper debates). When I finally tuned in, the candidates were arguing, talking over each other so […]

Burn it down or buy it out: Dems debate

Just a few impressions from last night’s Dem debate in Las Vegas. Nothing substantive. Mike Bloomberg did terribly. He was awful. He failed to answer questions adequately and came across […]

What the acquital hath wrought

And yesterday he declared himself the “chief law-enforcement officer of the United States.” Never mind the Constitution’s separation of powers; the US Senate gave him a green light.

A shadow hanging over me

This was just the laugh I needed when a friend sent it to me. I hope it makes you laugh, too. And then these words came to mind: Yesterday, all […]

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

I finally got up to the mailbox yesterday and picked up my ballots for the Colorado primary on March 3. That’s ballots, plural, because I’m a registered Unaffiliated voter. That […]

The rumor mill grinds on

According to a Saturday tweet from Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as a possible running mate. Drudge cites sources close […]

‘The Day Democracy Died’

This toe-tapping little ditty is brought to you by our Founding Fathers. Full lyrics are on YouTube. Someone put a lot of work into writing these lyrics and making the […]