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Category: Politics

When the party’s over, go home

Some people can’t stand not being the center of attention. Some people think anything they say has great value. Some people think we hang on their every word. Some people […]

Loving the ‘meltdown’ photo

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump met across a conference table last week to discuss the situation in Syria. The meeting devolved into insults and Pelosi […]

Far worse than the Ukrainian phone call

Trump’s phone call asking Ukraine to interfere in American politics was an impeachable offense. And the impeachment hearings are now in progress. But at least nobody died in that incident. […]

Elizabeth Warren sees the danger

I’ve not gone out of my way to follow any of the current presidential candidates and their various appearances around the country. Even if I wanted to, media attention seems […]

Cheer up, things can always get worse

Maybe she was kidding, just trying to taunt Trump. But the very thought of Hillary returning as a presidential candidate is almost enough to send me screaming off the top […]

Trump leaves no stone unturned

I know I should stop with the cartoons and try to say something intelligent, but I couldn’t help laughing at this one and thought you might also.

The bigger they are

What has happened to Rudy Giuliani? In the wake of 9/11 he was heralded as “America’s Mayor.” Everyone admired his calm, steady leadership after one of the greatest tragedies in […]

Impeachment: The heart of the matter

This is an excerpt from the Washington whistleblower’s complaint. If you understand nothing else about the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, understand this: The president of the United States used […]

Is ‘lunatic’ too strong a word?

From his very first tweet last Sunday about Hurricane Dorian, President Trump has claimed Alabama was among the states in the “cone of uncertainty.” Just 20 minutes later the National […]

Bahamas after Dorian

Even with photos, it’s difficult to imagine the devastation in the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian, hard to grasp the effects of a Category 5 hurricane parking itself over sea-level […]