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Category: Palin

Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah (still) gets

I was enjoying my morning coffee, still in that comfy half-awake, pre-caffeinated state, easing into my day, sort of watching CNN because it’s a totally passive endeavor. And suddenly there […]

She does too know about Paul Revere!

She Who Must Not Be Named (you know, the one from Alaska). who failed miserably the other day when answering a question about Paul Revere, defended herself this morning on […]

Discovery dances with the devil

Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel and TLC, has announced a new program, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Yes, that Sarah Palin. What a huge disappointment. I love this company’s […]

McCain and Palin together again

“It” came from Wasilla and strutted into Arizona today to boost Sen. John McCain’s sagging re-election bid. Seriously, he didn’t learn his lesson in November? He still thinks Sarah Palin […]

‘Family Guy’ and the family gal

Sarah Palin is reportedly angry that the TV show “Family Guy” poked fun at one of her kids. I’d say which one, but then she’d probably get mad at me […]

McCaaaaain, you did this!

I was shocked and deeply disappointed when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his GOP running mate back in 2008. Since then, I’ve just been getting angrier and angrier. He […]

I don’t regret voting for President Obama

Over on Real Clear Politics today, there’s an op-ed piece entitled “Why I Regret Voting for President Obama.” It’s written by freelance writer and independent voter Jill Dorson. I wonder […]

Sarah can’t have it both ways

So, what’s it going to be, Sarah P? Did you quit the Alaska governorship to become an author and speaker? Or did you quit so you could pursue the GOP […]

ROFL at Vanity Fair

I arrived late last night and found the party had come and gone without me. But the trappings were still there … On a page at Vanity Fair, I found […]

But wait … she’s going to write a book!

Sarah Palin, Alaska’s about-to-be-former governor, delivered her resignation speech Fourth of July weekend. In doing so, she revealed once again why she should immediately recuse herself from the national stage […]

Currently testing my patience …

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska and former GOP vice presidential wannabe … for her continuing inability to distinguish late night comedy from mainstream news. Remember back in February when […]

Why speak and remove all doubt?

That Alaskan woman (initials S.P.) just won’t shut up, will she? Fortunately she was still in Alaska Wednesday when she uttered these words of wisdom: We need to be aware […]

I read the news today, but why?

♦ That Alaskan woman whose initials are S.P. is going to “collaborate” in the writing of a book. A book! B-O-O-K. She can’t even remember which newspapers she reads. Her part […]

Republicans have a no good, very bad day

I just caught 15 minutes of news that will make a lot of Republicans even more unhappy than they already are. Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge has announced he won’t […]

She brings out the worst in me … again

Oh, joy. Two entities for which I have no use whatsoever — that Alaskan woman (initials S.P.) and the National Rifle Association (initials N.R.A.) — are getting together over Mother’s […]