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Category: Romney

Make it stop!

Am I going to have to turn off the news from now to November so I won’t have to hear Romney sing “America, the Beautiful” again? One more iteration and […]

Bo and President Obama

Here’s how you transport a dog …

Monday David Axelrod, top campaign advisor to President Obama, tweeted this picture of the president in his armored limo, accompanied by the Obama family’s dog, Bo. The message read “How […]

Mitt Romney

Romney: The quintessential weathervane

Fellow Republican Jon Huntsman called him a “perfectly lubricated weathervane.” Others are less precise and call him a flip-flopper or “triangulator.” But for a match-winning takedown of Mitt Romney, there’s […]

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, and Paul

Note to the GOP candidates

One of you will probably get your party’s nomination, but while you’re busy doing hatchet jobs on each other, I for one am getting thoroughly sick of you. At the […]

A very simple poll

This little poll appeared on the CNN website. Feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

You’ve got to be kidding

I decided just now to treat myself again to the video clip of Mitt Romney grandly announcing at the Iowa State Fair, “Corporations are people, my friend.” I was watching […]

The Ames Games: DNC pounces on Romney gaffe

Let’s see now, it was … um … just yesterday when Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, declared, “Corporations are people.” And already, the Democratic National Committee has released […]

Open mouth, insert foot, choke

There he was today, Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, addressing a crowd at the Iowa State Fair. I wasn’t paying much attention until he said, “Corporations are people, […]

Newsweek shows Romney tanking in Iowa

A Newsweek poll released this afternoon shows Mike Huckabee surging ahead of Mitt Romney in Iowa. It’s now 39% for Huckabee vs. 17% for Romney. Or, depending on one’s point […]

I hope Hewitt is right about Romney

I just read my first Hugh Hewitt commentary at Why? Temporary insanity, I suppose. I usually avoid names revered by my most conservative acquaintances. However, I was browsing through […]