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Category: Sci/Tech

SpaceX Dragon bobs in the Pacific after historic splashdown

SpaceX Dragon returns safely to lair

If you were trying to follow the return of the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship from the International Space Station this morning, you were probably as frustrated as I was. Cable […]

Facebook: Still not your friend

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately with its upcoming IPO and speculation about the company’s worth and future profitability. It reminds me all over again how much […]


That beautiful blue marble called Home

More eye candy for those who can’t get enough space pictures. I can’t explain the technology on this one; there’s more about it over on the Huffington Post, and more […]

More on that wind map

Just a postscript to my post about weather watching: I just discovered by that you can zoom in on the wind map and see more cities. I got curious about […]

Space shuttle Discovery piggyback

Shuttle symbolism

I didn’t post anything Tuesday as I watched reports of the space shuttle Discovery being flown to and landing in Washington, D.C. I was too deeply saddened. Partly because all […]