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Category: holidays

Dreaming of a white christmas

We got about two inches of snow last night. And it’s supposed to stay really cold today — it’s only 18° right now. Trouble is, it’s also bright and sunny. […]

Bacon lattice turkey — seriously?

We’re doing Thanksgiving a day early this year because my daughter-in-law has to work Thursday. And she’s making it easy on herself by bringing in most of the food from […]

Oh joy, the Christmas season has begun

Ugh! Well, it’s official and will be snowballing from now till the first of the year. I saw my first Christmas-themed commercial this morning. I can’t tell you who the […]

Daddy’s little girl

This isn’t THE origami rose. I don’t even know if THE rose was red or some other color. But my not-quite-11-year-old granddaughter had an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. She discovered her […]