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Category: holidays

Big thumbs up to these businesses

Believe it or not, our next holiday is not Christmas. It’s Thanksgiving. And I am more than pleased to recognize the businesses that have announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving. […]

Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park

Summer’s last gasp

It’s Labor Day weekend, traditionally the end of summer. Family vacations are winding down, pools are closed, schools are open, and the next holiday with a day off is Thanksgiving. So it’s […]

Fireworks at 14,000 feet

Much as I abhor New Year’s Eve crowds, I’d brave them to see fireworks shot from the summit of Pikes Peak. Who needs Denver’s 16th Street Mall when you have this […]

Worth repeating: Thanksgiving memories

Reposted from Thanksgiving 2011 As best I can remember, this is the first Thanksgiving Day I’ve ever spent by myself. My son and his family decided to go skiing today, […]