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Category: holidays

dead cupid

Love is a disease

The most I do for Valentine’s Day is remind others that it’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t do romantic stuff anymore. I have no one to do it for or with […]

kids hugging

Hug someone, maybe

Today, January 21, is National Hugging Day. (I know, I didn’t know either.) While the day was created to foster more public displays of emotion and affection (PDA), it’s something […]

New Year's Eve clock

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

  It’s that time again. New Year’s Eve. Around the world, 2011 is ticking away, if not already gone. For some it’s a celebration of having survived the old year; […]

Thanksgiving memories

As best I can remember, this is the first Thanksgiving Day I’ve ever spent by myself. My son and his family decided to go skiing today, which I was delighted […]


Have a safe and happy Turkey Day

It occurred to me I’d better get a Thanksgiving Day greeting up now, since some of you may be joining the rush to the stores tomorrow or having to work […]

Target's crazy lady

Targeting Thanksgiving Ever heard of it? It’s a website where anyone can start a petition about anything. I was drawn there looking for the petition that a Target employee started to […]

Happy Halloween

Boo, humbug

While I’m doing my “Boo, humbug” thing this evening and pretending I’m not home, I hope the rest of you have a very fine spooky time, or whatever it is […]

A cardinal for Christmas

Cardinals. Quite possibly my favorite bird. I’ve never lived anyplace that didn’t have cardinals right outside the window. Their cheery song and bright color always bring to mind warm memories […]

Crazy Christmas marketing

I almost spewed coffee across my keyboard this morning when I saw the Denver Post article. We’ve all complained about Christmas decorations appearing before Halloween, but this beats that by […]