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Category: Sports

Another Olympian adopts a homeless Sochi pup

Not to be outdone by fellow Olympian Gus Kenworthy, US snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis is also adopting a homeless Sochi puppy. Looks a lot like Kenworthy’s pups, doesn’t it? We’ve a […]

US speedskaters abandon vented suits

For those interested, here is a picture of the controversial vent on the back of the USA Olympic speedskating “skinsuit.” That’s a significantly larger opening than what I’d first imagined […]

That beautiful Sochi rainbow quilt

There’s a lot about the Sochi Olympics to criticize, but these designs aren’t among them. Not for me, anyway. I love these intricate quilt patterns that are being used in […]

Seahawk’s Sherman is not the story

This is Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman tipping a pass and ensuring a victory and the NFC championship for his team last Sunday. Seconds later a reporter was shoving a […]

Not the yachts of yore

They bear little resemblance to the magnificent 12-meter America’s Cup yachts I watched for so many years. The water-skimming, wind-driven flying machines of today have 131-foot-high wings instead of sails, twin instead […]

Facebook’s football folly

With the college football season firing up, this Facebook map is guaranteed to spark discussion. It shows which top-25 college team has the most Likes in each county. Slate breaks […]

The fastest two minutes in sports

America. Where the TV networks turn a two-minute horse race, the Kentucky Derby, into a three-hour show. But then again it’s called “the fastest two minutes in sports,” not in […]