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Category: gaming

Gaming Grandma’s happy place

In recent weeks, there’s been little news worth hearing and tv has devolved into holiday specials and reruns. The only channel I watch much anymore is the Weather Channel. As […]

Gamers are great!!

This is Mercy, a healer in the video game “Overwatch,” which I played quite a bit last winter. However, the story here is that the pink skin/outfit she’s wearing was […]

Unexpected sources

It was cold and snowing yesterday, and I spent the afternoon playing video games. Some Assassin’s Creed: Origins, a bit of Warframe, but mostly Civilization VI. The latter is full of […]

Gaming Grandmas Guild?

I am not, it seems, the only gaming grandma on the internet. Today, quite by accident, I came across Shirley Curry of Rocky Mount, VA. If the information on her […]

Older and slower, but still gaming

Hard to believe the last time I wrote about gaming was January 15, 2015. But I didn’t feel well enough to play for much of last year, so I guess […]

Grandma gaming into the new year

I know you’ve been waiting breathlessly for my next gaming update, so here it is. Destiny, a sort of futuristic first-person shooter/massively multiplayer online (FPS/MMO) hybrid, was released on September 9 […]

Christmas with the Lizard Squad

Interesting Christmas here, and across much of the country. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks by a hacker group called Lizard Squad have made Xbox Live and the Playstation Network […]

Update from a gaming grandma

I’ve not subjected you to a report on my gaming activities for about six months, so brace yourself. It’s time for another update. (My feelings won’t be hurt if you […]

Grandma still gaming, waiting for Titanfall

For those who’ve been waiting breathlessly for the latest installment of “Gaming Grandma,” feel free to breathe. Your next report is here. I’ve slacked off quite a bit on Ingress […]

Ingress Level 8, finally

Just a quick note, and then I won’t bother anyone anymore with posts about Ingress. Grandma (that would be me) made Level 8 today, with zero fanfare. I miss the […]

Ingress Level 7: The false summit

(Note, Sept. 7, 2016: In 2013, level 8 was the highest attainable in Ingress. It has since been increased to 16.) This is a progress report on my Ingress play […]

Ingress down and so am I

Not much of interest to write about lately. I’ve lost track of how many fires are burning across the state, and there’s nothing I can say about them that you […]