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Category: language

Finally, the banished words for 2020

Earlier this year I looked for the 2020  Banished Words list from Lake Superior State University and somehow managed to miss it until now. This is the 45th annual list […]

They is just sayin’

As most of my regular readers already know, I’m a retired editor. And as you might have guessed, I have followed — with considerable consternation — the discussions and explanations […]

Hating liars

Presidential candidate Joe Biden really got my attention last week … and not in a good way. First there was the “No malarkey” tour. Okay, that’s a nice, if dated, […]

‘Be Best’?

I’m among those who don’t understand what Melania Trump means with her “Be Best” campaign. My first thought was that since English is her second language, maybe she just missed […]

I learned a new word today

(Yes, it’s a real word. I looked it up. And not surprisingly, it’s been discussed more than once in the last year. But I’d managed to remain ignorant until I […]

Another Word of the Year: ‘feminism’

Two weeks ago, announced that its Word of the Year was complicit. Today another dictionary, Merriam-Webster, announced its Word of the Year: feminism. As with complicit, the selection of feminism […]

Women's snowboarding slopestyle (Photo : Reuters)

Snowboarder on fire at X-Games!

Frontside grab … truck driver … frontside rodeo … cab double underflip … quad cork 1800 … half cab quadruple backflip … backside triple cork 1620 … Snowboarding tricks, many […]

Words banished for 2017

Here it is, the list of words and phrases banished for 2017. No doubt you’ve looked forward to it for a year. Or maybe two, since I neglected to post […]

Tennis shoes, sneakers, or trainers?

Something I read earlier this evening started me thinking about the different words people use when referring to the cushioned rubber-soled shoes worn for athletic activities. In the past I’ve gone off on […]

So what’s your take on ‘gestapo tactics’?

I happened to be watching CNN yesterday and saw this exchange between host Wolf Blitzer and Katrina Pierson, Trump spokeswoman (annoyingly dubbed “spox” by the media). Various sources later characterized this exchange […]

Whose language is it anyway?

One advantage to having a laptop at hand most of the day is that I can instantly find answers to almost any idle question that crosses my mind. No waiting to […]

From whistle pigs to toad-stranglers

Several days ago Slate ran an article titled “The United Slang of America.” In it the author presents a variety of words that are more or less exclusive to certain […]