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Let the music move you

Music appreciation seems to run in this family. Keep watching. The dog, a rescue named Buddy Mercury, has recorded an album and has a line of merch. He joins in […]

Ocasek was just what I needed

I’ve listened to very little music in the last 20 years, but back in the day, I loved The Cars. It saddens me to see Ocasek go. He was a […]

The kid and the cop

This happy little tale aired on local news last night. It brightened my day. Maybe it will brighten yours, too.  

And now a word from our sponsor …

This is a “high fashion” ad that appears in my New York Times newsletter most days. I’ve always thought high fashion stuff was kind of silly. Dramatic poses that normal […]

When good men do nothing

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ attributed to Edmund Burke  

Once upon a time we dreamed

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first US moon landing, there has been a lot of wonderful television programming — retrospectives of that time, with film footage never […]

To Kaepernick & Company

(Apologies to my readers, who by now must think this is all I can write about. But I couldn’t resist this.)  

Kitty karma

Some of you may remember my posts back in 2014 about a tiny kitten that almost froze to death. She was rescued, taken to the Denver Dumb Friends League shelter, […]

History lesson for Nike and Kaepernick

Nike, Inc. and Colin Kaepernick need a history lesson, one that most of us learned before we got out of grade school. The United States has many official flags. They […]