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A woman voter assesses Hillary Clinton

I’m beyond fed up with hearing about women being Hillary Clinton’s “natural constituency.” She’s a woman; I’m a woman. So what? Why would any reporter or analyst, or even the […]

Candidates should avoid ‘royal we’

Am I the only one annoyed when presidential candidates refer to themselves as “we” instead of “I“? For example: “We will continue to work hard in New Hampshire…” The usage […]

Why was Gotbaum alone?

Reports keep coming about the death of Carol Anne Gotbaum at the Phoenix airport last week. Allegedly, after creating a disturbance, Gotbaum was arrested by airport police, handcuffed, and left alone […]

‘Being an atheist is like being gay’

“Being an atheist is like being gay. You don’t choose it, it tends to make you unpopular, nobody knows unless you tell them—and it’s not something to be ashamed of!” […]

We call them ‘illegals’ because they are

In Tuesday’s Denver Post, columnist Cindy Rodriquez wrote that, basically, calling illegal immigrants “illegals” is incorrect and misleading and that they should, more accurately, be called “necessary workers” or “essential […]

Smart? Not

With some pride I used to think of myself as “smart.” Not sure offhand how I’d define that, but I certainly don’t think I am anymore, if I ever was. […]

Snowy morn with sled

It snowed last night. Not much. Two or three inches at most. But it was a beautiful greeting when I opened the blinds. Bright blue sky, sparkling white snow. Not […]

Overcoming procrastination

One small step this morning. Picked a name from the phone book and made an appointment with a nearby CPA to do my taxes. Nothing has changed since last year […]

Just retrain, management says

Sound familiar? You lose your job and The Man, from his paneled office, says, don’t worry. There are plenty of jobs out there. Just retrain. In my case, as in […]

Dancing with the wind

I watched a boy dance with the wind this morning. He didn’t know I was watching from my second-story window as he played alone in the gusty 40 mph wind. […]

One soldier does not a troop make

I have a lot of gripes about the grammar used (or misused) by reporters. This one even drew Andy Rooney’s ire a few weeks ago: Troop: A troop is a […]

Bush: Help is on the way

“Help is on the way.” President Bush says that a lot. And every time he does, sadly, I’m reminded of the old jokes “the check is in the mail” and “we’re from […]

Java jolt

Don’t you hate it when your morning routine gets abruptly, unexpectedly disrupted? It’s your way of slipping into the day as easily as possible, without having to think too hard […]

Grammatical peeves

Verbification. Coining a verb from a noun. It makes any English purist shudder. I’d like to strangle those who originated or help perpetuate these: Summit: To reach the top of […]

English ala Bush

Please, Mr. Bush, stop embarrassing yourself in public!! There is a difference between persecution and prosecution and most college-educated people know the difference. You embarrass me and the country with […]