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Headin’ west

By mid-afternoon I’ll be heading west on I-70 to enjoy a late Thanksgiving dinner in Keystone (2 hours away) with my son and his family and a family friend. Wish […]

Why don’t we eat turkey eggs?

Just came across this item on Slate. Why don’t Americans eat turkey eggs? Turns out it’s mostly due to the cost, but I’d never even thought about it before. I’ve never […]

Thanksgiving Eve

Across the nation, people are on the road or in the air, making their way to the homes of relatives and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. And I’m here […]

Lincoln was ‘socially hypergamous’

Just learned a new word: hypergamous. In the History Channel’s program “Lincoln,” Gore Vidal describes Lincoln as “socially hypergamous.” Sounds like something Vidal would say. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, “Hypergamy (colloquially referred […]

A star for every veteran

Early yesterday I posted “Thank a veteran today.” Then last night I came across an article on NBC News entitled “Your ‘thank you’ to veterans is welcomed, but not always […]

Thank a veteran today

Today is Veterans Day. Not tomorrow, the day you probably have off from work. Today. November 11, 2012. Originally known as Armistice Day, it was to remember the moment the […]