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Category: Video Content

Estes Park flooding (videos)

Not sure how they got posted with communications down now, but they did. Here’s a sampling of YouTube videos of the flooding in Estes Park, Colo. For more videos, see […]

Anderson Cooper rips Pat Robertson

Anderson Cooper went after Pat Robertson on his AC360 Ridiculist Wednesday night, and it was a thing of beauty. Robertson is a pathetic, hateful old man who deserves all the ridicule […]

Little girl fails Dandelions 101

There’s something irresistible about blowing the seeds off a dandelion seed head and watching them drift away on the breeze. Some say doing so makes wishes come true. This little girl […]

NSA reforms: Obama not believable

On August 9 President Obama announced reforms to the US intelligence gathering system, apparently in an effort to reassure an increasingly skeptical public. As I sat rolling my eyes at […]

Beware of service station ‘sliders’

Sliders. Not bite-sized burgers or kids at a playground. These “sliders” are thieves who take advantage of distracted people at service stations, people who leave purses and wallets in their […]

Cello on Longs Peak: So Colorado

What do you do if you’re a cellist teaching music in a summer camp near Longs Peak, Colorado? Why, you decide to climb the peak, all 14,259 feet of it. […]