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Category: Video Content

There was only one Aretha

Tears flowed here tonight when Stephen Colbert featured this video on his show. Aretha Franklin, at the Dec. 6, 2015, Kennedy Center Honors, sang “You Make Me Feel Like a […]

Me and my lyin’ eyes

You say you don’t believe in climate change. You don’t believe the ice packs are melting and the seas are rising. You say it’s all a hoax, that scientists are […]

This, too, is America

The Angel City Chorale won a Golden Buzzer* this week on “America’s Got Talent” with their performance of “Baba Yetu.” The song’s composer, Christopher Tin, earned a Grammy for his […]

We will break this night

In March of last year, I posted this old “Where the Hell is Matt?” video from 2012. A few days ago I came across it again, and I heard it […]

So you think you could outrun a lava flow

Photographer Ken Boyer captured this unbelievable scene as lava gushed from Kilauea’s Fissure 8 on June 15, 2018. If you were thinking you could easily outrun those creeping flows we’ve […]

Osprey catches koi in Colorado

(Updated April 25) A local newscast just showed an osprey nest in Boulder, Colo., and noted there is a webcam there. I didn’t realize there were ospreys in the area, […]

Rare yellow cardinal living in Alabama

Charlie Stephenson, in Alabaster, Alabama, first noticed this yellow cardinal at her backyard feeder in January. To keep crowds of curious people from gathering around her home, she is not […]

Holy halfpipe, Batman!

Hope everyone was watching last night when Shaun White won Olympic gold in the men’s halfpipe. He was crying, I was crying. Seemed like everyone was crying. I’m not going […]

My new hero

In Ventura County, Calif., with the Thomas Fire raging just feet away, a man pulled over to rescue a frightened wild rabbit. Remarkably, he succeeded. Wish I could give him […]