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Category: Video Content

Walk, don’t run, in this hallway

Tired of people running down their hallway (supposedly), Casa Ceramica, a tile company in Manchester, UK, installed this optical illusion floor. It also happens to be a great attention-getting device. […]

Flag waving in Houston

There was a bit of flag waving in Houston this week. I much preferred this reporter’s patriotic, respectful rescue (and correct folding) to Trump’s gratuitous waving of the Texas flag. […]

Let’s start the week with a smile

On Reddit there’s a subreddit called “Better Every Loop.” It features GIFs that readers think are entertaining and get better with every loop or repetition. Tastes vary, but these amused […]

Rally Cat, best story of the week

Rally Cat was my favorite story this week. Note the score as the video begins. The St. Louis Cardinals trail the Kansas City Royals by one run. And then a […]

A murmuration of sheep

Sheep herding, New Zealand style. It takes some well-trained dogs to pull this off, and you have to look closely to even see them in this video from aerial photographer […]

Teeniest, tiniest origami cranes

David Kawai, a photojournalist in Ottawa, Canada, makes what surely must be the world’s tiniest origami cranes. Unless someone else has extremely tiny hands or uses tweezers, or maybe pins […]

An emotional plea for all of us

Last night comedian Jimmy Kimmel explained why he was absent from his show last week. His wife gave birth to a son who had a life-threatening heart deformity and underwent […]

Thinking of flying the friendly skies?

(Updated April 13, 2017) If by some remote chance you missed the story today, passengers now risk being physically dragged off United Airlines planes to make room for their own employees: […]

The intransigence of hate

I first wrote about the intransigence of hate in our society back in 2009, and then again in 2010. And I’m sorry to see the topic is just as relevant today. Consider, […]

Bet you can’t help smiling

This video is five years old but it was new to me. And it certainly brightened my day. I hope it will brighten yours, too. The back story on this … […]

Bush sounds a lot smarter now

Former President George W. Bush appeared on the Today Show this morning, and he sounded a lot more intelligent than I’ve ever given him credit for. Or perhaps it’s just the […]