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Category: Video Content

Even giraffe cam isn’t above criticism

Note: To be sure you’re always seeing the current genuine live feed, click the official link at There are countless fake sites with erroneous information. Going through is […]

It’s National Wear Red Day

February is American Heart Month and today, the first Friday of the month, is National Wear Red Day, promoted annually by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the US Department of Health […]

Bull elk enters Estes Park gift shop

Bull in a gift shop II

A few days ago I posted a story and video about a bull elk that wandered into an Estes Park, Colo., gift shop. (He stayed for about 45 minutes.) Here’s another video […]

Deflection and ‘alternative facts’

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan once put it: “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” It’s going to be a long four (or, […]

Bull in a gift shop

There’s never a dull moment is Estes Park, Colo., thanks to the local wildlife. Today it was a bull elk that wandered into Water Wheel Gift Corner. He hung around […]

Congratulations, Mr. Vice President

President Barack Obama today surprised Vice President Joe Biden with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Other recent recipients of Medals of Freedom with Distinction: […]

The zen of rock balancing

It’s fascinating what this man, Michael Grab, can do. And as it turns out, he lives right up the road in Boulder, a city with a seemingly endless supply of intriguing people and […]

Why they close Trail Ridge Road

I just came across this four-year-old video by Justin Calkins, an Estes Park, Colo., photographer. If you’re a frustrated tourist who didn’t get to drive Trail Ridge Road because it […]