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Category: World

Too many theories, not enough facts

I exaggerate only slightly when I say there’s been nothing on cable news for the last week but the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A flight with 200+ souls on […]

Real geography: US not so exceptional

Definitely suffering a senior moment here, and it’s one I have often: Did I do such-and-such, or did I only think about doing it? (Hate when this happens.) Today’s case […]

They wanted to change their world

Seeking the latest news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine this evening, I came across a CNN opinion piece entitled “What the West owes Ukraine.” Yes, I thought. What do […]

Crimea and the Clancy coincidence

Shades of Tom Clancy. The Russian Navy. The Cold War. The Cuban missile crisis. Putin. Ukraine. Sochi. Russian invasion. All running through my head this afternoon. Déjà vu, etc. Reports […]

US speedskaters abandon vented suits

For those interested, here is a picture of the controversial vent on the back of the USA Olympic speedskating “skinsuit.” That’s a significantly larger opening than what I’d first imagined […]

Swedes debate middle school’s vagina mural

In Nyköping, Sweden, a debate erupted last month over the appropriateness of a “smiling vagina” mural in a junior high school. The artist, Carolina Falkholt, painted the mural on a staircase in […]

Boy saves drowning baby deer

In Noakhali, Bangladesh, a young fawn became separated from its family in fast-rising floodwaters and a boy believed to be in his early teens jumped to the rescue. At times […]

Maps, maps, and more maps

The Internet is wonderfully, gloriously map crazy. There was one on the Huffington Post today, that sent me via a link to another site that had a bunch of maps, […]

I tawt I taw … a wabbit

It’s likely Nelson Mandela would have chuckled over the whole thing. The rabbit thing, that is. It seems the sculptors of his statue in Pretoria, South Africa, put a tiny […]

Brits try to label states on US map

Love this item from Buzzfeed today, brought to my attention by Pandionna (thanks, Pandi!) Buzzfeed asked Brits to label the states on a map of the US. The results ran the […]

Smog smothers Harbin, China

Smog at 30 times the World Health Organization’s recommended standard has blanketed Harbin, China, a city of 10 million, for several days. Visibility in some parts of the city is […]

Etched in the sands of time

British artists Jamie Wardley, 33, and Andy Moss, 50, and a team of volunteers traveled to Arromanches beach, Normandy, to create this haunting reminder of the lives lost during the Operation […]

Violence is not a solution

I‘d almost tuned out the discussions about Syria and what appears to be an impending US intervention into a secular war that is none of our business. I’ve heard all […]