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Category: World

Ugly Americans in Paris … finally

It was bad enough that Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t make it to the “Je suis Charlie” unity march in Paris last Sunday (he finally managed to drop by yesterday on his way home […]

Watch worldwide cyber attacks in progress

I’m no expert and can’t begin to explain everything about this live map from Norse IPViking, an Internet security operation. But it shows the many cyber attacks going on around the world right […]

Enough! Release ‘The Interview’!

  This morning the state-owned North Korean news agency said US claims that North Korea is behind the attacks on Sony are groundless slander and offered a joint investigation: “As the […]

Hackers win, Sony cancels film release

For the record, I’m furious at all those theater chains (Carmike, AMC, Cineplex, Regal, etc.) that announced today they wouldn’t show The Interview in their theaters. And I’m furious at Sony for […]

More on Washington’s torture quote

While it lacks the punch of the excerpted quote, the full text of George Washington’s charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force on September 14, 1775 was as follows: Camp at […]