Good riddance, Scott Pruitt

I couldn’t help smiling this evening when I came across this fortuitous placement of elements on a news site. Best of NBC news indeed. Best for any network … except […]

Free the children, lock up Sessions

I’ve never condoned illegal immigration. But trying to discourage it by separating children from their parents is unconscionable. Those children are guilty only of having parents. When I first heard […]

‘Be Best’?

I’m among those who don’t understand what Melania Trump means with her “Be Best” campaign. My first thought was that since English is her second language, maybe she just missed […]

GOP supports (their own) gun-free zones

A number of Republicans, while denouncing gun-free zones for others, enforce a few for themselves. An article on Alternet notes five places that Republicans, for their own personal safety, maintain […]

Time to march again!

Remember the Women’s March on Washington a year ago? Millions of men and women around the world marched in a show of unity for women and against Donald Trump. Photos […]

Weeping for America

Speaking for me yesterday: Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post. In “What did the men with Donald Trump do when he spoke of ‘shithole countries’?” Kennicott tells of weeping, first when he […]