Immigration reform: not this year

Brent Wilkes, executive vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens was just on CNN to discuss immigration reform. He was, of course, invited to appear. I’ve gotten […]

Health reform: Big Pharma escaping again

I’ve written before about the evils of Big Pharma and expressed my outrage at President Obama’s behind-the-scenes deal to leave Big Pharma’s big profits out of the planning for health […]

Antitrust laws: health insurance exempt

I was surprised this week to learn that health insurance companies and medical malpractice insurance companies have a special exemption from federal antitrust laws. Say what? For at least the […] logo

SOPA/PIPA victory: Behind the scenes played a big role in the success of the Internet’s Stop SOPA movement. This is their wrap-up of how we and they succeeded: Last month’s flurry of Stop-PIPA & […]

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, and Paul

Note to the GOP candidates

One of you will probably get your party’s nomination, but while you’re busy doing hatchet jobs on each other, I for one am getting thoroughly sick of you. At the […]

How to tackle complex legislation

President Obama held a press conference this morning. Nothing new in that. In this election year, I’ve pretty much glazed over whenever he shows up. He did, however, propose something […]

I’d rather be wrong

According to a just-released AP story, HHS budget experts have concluded the health care reform bill is actually going to increase costs, not reduce them, and its Medicare cuts may […]