A 22-pen signature

When President Obama was signing the health care reform bill, I was not thinking about the meaning of the bill or of the historical significance of the moment. Nope, none […]

The devil we don’t know

The topic has been thoroughly thrashed over the last year. Health care reform, of course. Now it’s the law of the land. Or about to be. I share the hope […]

Civility and America’s dying values

The continuing coarsening of America has taken a new and very ugly turn today. At least ten Washington lawmakers have requested extra security due to threats to their safety and […]

‘Demon pass’ should doom Dems

The much cussed and discussed “deem and pass” procedure that Nancy Pelosi is threatening to employ for the health care reform bill, if actually used, should mean the ouster of […]

In the soup: Starbucks, Bing, Congress, et al

Education funding cuts Cutting funding to education? No wonder students are protesting today. The resulting tuition hikes in many cases will be so large that students already on tight budgets […]

Half a loaf is better than none

A recent Zogby poll shows the majority of respondents (57%) think Congress should start over on health care reform and 56.4% think the approach should be step-by-step instead of comprehensive. […]

Rise of the independent voter

Americans are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Especially angry is the great unwashed-and-ignored middle of the political spectrum, all those folks who were left […]

Mass-ive headache looms for Dems

Tomorrow is the special election in Massachusetts to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat. “The Kennedy Seat” has been Democratic for so long, it’s almost unthinkable it might […]